dimanche 25 janvier 2015

Interview de Joanna Pallaris

If wishes were horses - feuilles de vers parlant des arbres - protéger/ i miei sogni d'oro : quelques uns des titres des œuvres de Joanna Pallaris. Plaise aux dieux que l'interview qui suit puisse nous permettre de respirer un peu plus de ce parfum de mystère...

Could you talk about a memory which you think transmitted a lot to your artistic practice? 

On an afternoon at school we had a visiting tutor who introduced us to the chambre noir ( darkroom). A feather, string and my hand was my first photogram. I was captivated by the magic of the process and still am to this day.

Is there somewhere a really important place for you?

The sea, the sea!

Any important home? 

Where I currently live now, a remote and wild place surrounded by trees and ferns, near the sea.

Which sort of landscape inspires you more? 

Seascapes , but also woodlands.

Which child were you? 

Much like the one I am still now; quiet and curious. Perhaps I was a bit more temperamental then.

An important book? 

Hard to pick just one! But Le Blé en Herbe, by Colette stays with me.

A music? 

Another difficult one . It depends on what mood I am in, suffice to say I have an eclectic taste. I favour singer-songwriters.

A spirit animal? 


Which sort of plant or tree would you be? 

Plant -  Jasmin. Tree -  Wild Strawberry Tree.

Do you think you have a soul­mate? 

My 'soul-mate' has always been the dogs I've had.

Which season inspires you more? 

Definitely not Summer, late Autumn I suppose.

Could you describe your relationship with the matter, the elements? The ones you work with as well as the ones that surround you.

Elements/ matter are of course very important for me. Not only as a source of inspiration but their everchanging state leave one constantly on the edge. I live in a natural habitat so my days are very much governed by the elements. It is very good for one's humility, we humans too often forget that.

When do your inner images use to happen to you, in which sort of moment? 

Generally at night in bed when I have an overactive mind and can't sleep, or when I swim.

Do you draw as well, and how important drawing is for your practice? 

Of course as I started out drawing. My degree was in Illustration but it was during University that I fell for the photographic medium. Now drawing serves as a place     to sketch ideas for the photos I wish to take. When I cannot photograph I resort to drawing, detailed patterns mostly.

Please describe your last piece of work.

A small series I took recently was of a tawny owl I found. An elaboration on my 'Broken Wings' photograph. This idea about birds carrying the souls of the        deceased, but in this case the reverse is true.

Can you tell more about your upcoming projects? 

I am working on a photographic series about the moon but not in the literal sense.

Is there any question you were never asked and to which you would like to answer?
Do you feel you belong to the world of today? Answer: Not really. My soul harks back to a long long time ago.